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'Practical English Usage' (4th edition)

Practical English Usage is recommended for any teacher, trainee teacher, or advanced-level student looking for answers to questions about the English language. The material is now organised in two parts (grammar and vocabulary), making it easier than ever to find the answers, either online or in print.

Part 1 is a complete practical learner's grammar with 28 sections, covering all the structural points that cause problems for learners.

Part 2 is a guide to vocabulary problems covering:

rules for word formation and spelling
a survey of high-priority vocabulary areas
an A–Z guide to over 250 common word problems
The 600+ entries provide answers to the questions that learners typically ask, for example:

the truth about conditionals
article problems
get as a passive auxiliary
can, could, may or might?
classic or classical?
the language of emails

the grammar of speech and formal writing
British–American differences
questions of style and idiom
changes in English
avoiding offensive language
lists of learners' most common mistakes